Uriah Heep - Look At Yourself

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01. Look at Yourself (Ken Hensley) 5:11
02. I Wanna Be Free (Ken Hensley) 4:01
03. July Morning (Byron/Hensley) 10:33
04. Tears in My Eyes (Ken Hensley) 5:02
05. Shadows of Grief (Byron/Hensley) 8:40
06. What Should Be Done (Ken Hensley) 4:14
07. Love Machine (Hensley/Box/Byron) 3:40

Bonus tracks on remastered 1996 release:

08. Look At Yourself (Ken Hensley) 3.07
[single edit]
09. What's Within My Heart (Ken Hensley) 5.23
[out-take from the Look At Yourself sessions]

Originally released in the UK October 1971 on Bronze ILPS 9169
Released in the USA October 1971 on Mercury Records SRM 1614
In North America this album was released with a different cover
Recorded at Lansdowne Studios, July 1971
All arrangements: Uriah Heep
Produced by Gerry Bron


Ken Hensley - organ, piano, guitar, acoustic guitar & vocals
Mick Box - lead guitar & acoustic guitar
David Byron - lead vocal
Paul Newton - bass guitar
Ian Clarke - drums

Teddy Osei, Mack Tontoh & Loughty Amao from Osibisa - percussion on 'Look At Yourself'
Manfred Mann - moog on 'July Morning'


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