Uriah Heep - Different World

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01. Blood On Stone (Trevor Bolder) 4.38
02. Which Way Will The Wind Blow (Trevor Bolder) 4.52
03. All God's Children (Box/Lanzon) 4.20
04. All For One (Trevor Bolder) 4.27
05. Different World (Box/Lanzon) 4.15
06. Step By Step (Trevor Bolder) 4.07
07. Seven Days (Box/Lanzon) 3.35
08. First Touch (Phil Lanzon) 3.54
09. One On One (Box/Lanzon) 4.05
10. Cross That Line (Phil Lanzon) 5.35

Bonus tracks on remastered 1998 release:

11. Stand Back (Box/Lanzon) 3.59
[CD only album track]
12. Blood Red Roses (Peter Goalby) 3.52
[remixed version]
13. Hold Your Head Up (Argent/White) 4.21
[new edit]
14. Rockarama (Goalby/Sinclair/Bolder/Kerslake/Box) 10.03
[prev. unreleased live version from Moscow recordings]

Originally released February 1991 on Legacy LLP 137 / LLCD 137
Lead voc, backing voc, accordion & harmonica recorded at Fairview Studios, Willerby Hull East Yorkshire, Engineered by Roy Neave
Backing tracks, choir and overdubs recorded at Chapel Studios, South Thoresby, Lincolnshire, Engineered by Mat Kemp
All songs arranged by Uriah Heep
Mixed at Fairview Studios by Roy Neave & Trevor Bolder
Produced by Trevor Bolder


Mick Box - guitars
Lee Kerslake - drums, vocals
Trevor Bolder - bass guitar, vocals
Phil Lanzon - keyboards,vocals
Bernie Shaw - lead vocals


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