Spooky Tooth - Nomad Poets (Live In Germany 2004) DVD

Spooky Tooth - Nomad Poets (Live In Germany 2004) DVD - tracklist alba, hodnocen?, recenze



01. Waitin' For The Wind (Harrison/Wright/Grosvenor)
02. Sunshine Help Me (Gary Wright)
03. That Was Only Yesterday (Gary Wright)
04. The Wrong Time (McCracken/Wright)
05. Feelin' Bad (Kellie/Wright)
06. Wildfire (Gary Wright)
07. Better By You, Better Than Me (Gary Wright)
08. Tobacco Road (J. D. Loudermilk)
09. Hangman Hamg My Shell On A Tree (Gary Wright)
10. Evil Woman (Larry Weiss)

Special features:

- Gary Wright Performing 'Love Is Alive' and 'Are You Weepin' Live at San Diego, CA - Summer 1976
- Interviews Of Band
- Slide Show

Originally released as Larkio Music on May 2007
Performed and recorded from 2 concerts:
June 4th - Worpswede, Germany, Music Hall
June 5th - Hamburg, Germany, Landhaus Walter (Rock & Blues Im Park)
Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround - English
Mixed and mastered by Wyn Davis
Produced by Gary Wright


Mike Kellie - drums
Mike Harrison - lead vocals and keyboards
Gary Wright - lead vocals and keyboards
Joey Albrecht - backing vocals and guitar
Michael 'Bexi' Becker - backing vocals and bass guitar


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Diskografie Spooky Tooth

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