Harrison, George - All things must pass

Harrison, George - All things must pass - tracklist alba, hodnocen?, recenze



I'd have you anytime (2:59)
My sweet lord (4:41)
Wah-wah (5:39)
Isn't it a pity (version one) (7:10)
What is life (4:20)
If not for you (3:33)
Behind that locked door (3:08)
Let it down (4:58)
Run of the mill (2:53)

Beware of darkness (3:49)
Apple scruffs (3:08)
Ballad of sir Frankie Crisp (Let it roll) (3:54)
Awaiting on you all (2:50)
All things must pass (3:46)
I dig love (4:59)
Art of dying (3:40)
Isn't a pity (version two) (4:47)
Hear me Lord (5:47)

Out of the blue (11:17)
It's Johnny's birthday (0:50)
Plug me in (3:23)
I remember jeep (8:08)
Thanks for the pepperoni (5:33)

27.11.1970 Apple STCH-639
Nahráno: květen - srpen 1970


Personnel :
Guitar :
Dave Mason
Drums and percussion :
Jim Gordon
Alan White
Bass Guitar :
Klaus Voorman
Carl Radle
Keyboards :
Gary Wright
Bobby Whitlock
Billy Preston
Gary Brooker
Pedal Steel Guitar :
Pete Drake
Tenor Saxophone :
Bobby Keys
Trumpet :
Jim Price
Rhythm Guitars and percussion :
Tea, sympathy, and tambourine :
Mal Evans

Produced by George Harrison and Phil Spector
Engineered by Ken Scott and Phil McDonald, and
featured orchestral arrangements by John Barham.
As well as singing all lead vocals, George multi-tracked his own voice to create all the backing vocals, comicly naming the resultant "choir" on the album as "The George O'Hara-Smith Singers".


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