Eloy - Chronicles I (compilation)

Eloy - Chronicles I (compilation) - tracklist alba, hodnocen?, recenze



01. Poseidon's Creation (from 'Ocean') 11:28
02. The Apocalypse (from 'Silent Cries and Mighty Echoes') 11:02
03. Silhouette (from 'Colours') 3:10
04. Mysterious Monolith (from 'Planets') 6:10
05. Sphinx (from 'Planets') 6:22
06. Illuminations (from 'Colours') 6:19
07. End of an Odyssey (from 'Time to Turn') 9:15
08. Time to Turn (from 'Time to Turn') 3:33
09. Spirit in Chains 5:49 (unreleased title, recorded during the Destination sessions)
10. Say it is Really True (from 'Time to Turn') 4:25

Originally released 1993 SPV GmbH 084-48182
The collection of songs re-recorded and mixed in Autumn 1993 at Horus Sound Studio, Hanover & Pinkball Studio, Berlin
Engineered by Gerhard Wolfe & Michael Gerlach
Mixed by Gerhard Wolfe
Produced by Frank Bornemann


Frank Bornemann - guitar, vocals
Michael Gerlach - keyboards

Eloy former members playing on this album:

Klaus-Peter Matziol - bass
Hannes Arkona - guitar
Hannes Folberth - keyboards
Fritz Randow - drums

additional personnel:

Nico Baretta - drums
Lenny Mac Dowell - flute
Amy, Sabine, Anne and Brigitte - vocals on 2 & 8


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