Mayall, John - The Masters

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Disk 1:
Don't Waste My Time*1
Sleeping By Her Side*1

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Room To Move*1
Saw Mill Gulch Road*2
Can't Sleep This Night*2
Thoughts About Roxanne*2
Fight For You JB*2
Fight For You JB*3

Disk 2:
Parchman farm*4

An excerpt from a Mayall interview giving his reasons behind the new Turning point band.

More Interviews and a free form instrumental work out that became "The Laws Must Change".

Insrumental by Steve Thompson that became "Don't Waste My Time".

"Greensleeves Blues" and instrumental that became "I'm Gonna Fight For You JB" Also interview with Colin Allen.

Instrumental workout that became "Thoughts About Roxanne".
Bill Haley Lives Spontaneous instrumental workout after a days rehearsals.

Interview with Eric Clapton and the saga of the 17 bar blues that became "Dont Pick A Flower".

Mayall interview and the story of JB Lenoir.
"I'm gonna fight for you JB" and excerpts from an interview with Peter Green and John McVie.

1999 Eagle Records 6-70211-5055-2 UK 2 CD


John Mayall-vocals, harmonica, slide guitar, telecaster 6 sting guitar, mouth percussion
Jon Mark-Acoustic finger-style guitar
Steve Thompson-bass
Johnny Almond-Tenor and alto saxophones, flutes, mouth percussion

Produced by Peter Gibson and Alex Hooper

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Diskografie Mayall, John

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