Young, Neil - Lucky Thirteen

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1 Sample And Hold 8:04
2 Transformer Man 3:19
3 Depression Blues 4:07
4 Get Gone 5:06
5 Don't Take Your Love Away From Me 6:16
6 Once An Angel 3:54
7 Where Is The Highway Tonight? 3:04
8 Hippie Dream 4:26
9 Pressure 2:46
10 Around The World 5:28
11 Mideast Vacation 4:22
12 Ain't It the Truth 7:38
13 This Note's For You 5:34

All tracks written by Neil Young.
Produced by David Briggs, Elliot Mazer, Neil Young, Tim Mulligan, Ben Keith, Danny Kortchmar, Niko Bolas.

Track 1 is previously unreleased version; track 3 is previously unreleased, from original Old Ways; tracks 4,5 are previously unreleased, live with The Shocking Pinks; tracks 12,13 are previously unreleased, live with The Bluenotes.


Neil Young guitar, bass, synclavier, vocoder, electric piano, harmonica, vocals
Ralph Molina drums, vocal
Frank Sampedro guitar, keyboards
Karl Himmel drums
Tim Drummond bass
Ben Keith pedal steel guitar, slide guitar, guitar, alto saxophone, vocal
Rufus Thibodeaux fiddle
Spooner Oldham organ
Anthony Crawford maracas, vocal
Rick Palombi tambourine, vocal
Craig Hayes baritorne saxophone
Waylon Jennings guitar, vocal
Gordon Terry fiddle
Joe Allen bass
Hargus "Pig" Robbins: piano
Ralph Mooney pedal steel guitar
David Kirby guitar
Danny Kortchmar guitar, synthesizer, vocal
Steve Jordan drums, synthesizer, vocal
Billy Talbot bass
Chad Cromwell drums
Rick (The Bass Player) Rosas bass
Steve Lawrence tenor sax
Larry Cragg baritone sax
Claude Cailliet trombone
John Fumo, Tom Bray trumpet

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Diskografie Young, Neil

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