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Art School Boogie*1
The Narrow Path*1
Comments by John Mayall
My Old Man*1
I'll Be Ready*1
Classroom Blues*1
How Long, How Long*1
Too Close Together*1
Comments by John Mayall
Hillbilly Blues*2
Twist All Night*2
It Hurts Me Too*2
The Hucklebuck*2
Got My Mojo Working*2
Soon Forgotten*2
No Rollin' Blues*2

Featuring tracks by the Powerhouse Four and the Blues Syndicate from 1957 and 1962, respectively. Available only from the official John Mayall web site. From John Mayall's personal archival tapes, the only known recordings made BEFORE The Bluesbreakers! The first release from our own label, Private Stash Records, this CD, Time Capsule, contains 16 previously unreleased live recordings from 1957 and 1962 PLUS recorded comments by Mr. Mayall himself! Although the sound quality is less than high fidelity, as the original recordings were rather archaic, it is nevertheless a collector's dream!
*1-The Powerhouse Four
*2-The Blues Syndicate

2000 Private Stash Records STASHCD01 US CD


John Mayall-vocals, organ, piano, harmonica

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