Mayall, John - Return Of The Bluesbreakers

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An Eye For An Eye
Same Old Blues
Rock'N'Roll Kitchen
Rock It In The Pocket
Keep On Rollin'
My Time After Awhile*1
Ridin' On The Santa Fe*1
Howlin' Moon*1
You Never Can Be Trusted*1
Lookin' For Willie*1
My Babe*2
Long Long Way*2
Black Cat Moan*2

*1-Recorded at the Wax Museum, Washington DC in the summer of 1982.
*2-CD bonus tracks on AIM release. A 1994 CD entitled The 1982 Reunion Concert contains
some of these tracks coupled with previously unreleased material from the same concerts

1985 Aim AIM 1004 Australia LP
1985 Aim AIM 1004 UK LP
1993 Aim AIM 1004CD UK CD (1993 = includes three bonus tracks)


John Mayall-vocals, harmonica, guitar, keyboards
Colin Allen-drums*1
Kal David-guitar
Jeff Davis-bass
Mike Gardner-drums
Bob Haynes-bass
Bobby Manuel-guitar
Kevin McCormick-bass*1
Don McMinn-guitar
Willie McNeil-drums
Coco Montoya-guitar
Larry Raspberry-piano
Mick Taylor-guitar, slide guitar*1

Producers: John Mayall & Don Nix
Engineers: David Hewitt, Bobby Manuel & John Hoier

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Diskografie Mayall, John

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