Ayers, Kevin - The Unfairground

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1."Only Heaven Knows" (Ayers)
2."Cold Shoulder" (Ayers)
3."Walk on Water" (Ayers)
4."Friends & Strangers" (Ayers)
5."Shine a Light" (Ayers)
6."Wide Awake" (Ayers)
7."Baby Come Home" (Ayers)
8."Brainstorm" (Ayers)
9."Unfairground" (Ayers)
10."Run Run Run" (Ayers)


Kevin Ayers / guitar, vocals and producer
Gary Olson / trumpet and producer
San Fadyl / drums
Jeff Baron / guitar
Norman Blake / guitar and backing vocals
Francis MacDonald / drums
Julian Koster / singing saw
Candie Payne / backing vocals
Euros Childs / backing vocals
Bill Wells / bass
Joe McGinty / keyboards
Phil Manzanera / guitar
Robbie McIntosh / guitar
Hugh Hopper / bass
Daisy Martey / backing vocals
Tucson Philharmonia / strings
Bridget St. John / vocals
Dave McGowan / pedal steel
Heather McIntosh / bass and cello
Kellie Sutherland / brass
Tara Shackell / brass
Isobel Knowles / brass
Gus Franklin / brass
Graham Henderson / accordion
Peter Nicholson / cello
Francis Reader / backing vocals
Peter Henderson / producer
Tim Shepard / artwork and executive producer
Bernard MacMahon / executive producer
The Wyattron

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