Aerosmith - Just Push Play

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"Beyond Beautiful" (Marti Frederiksen, Mark Hudson, Joe Perry, Steven Tyler) – 4:45
"Just Push Play" (Steve Dudas, Hudson, Tyler) – 3:51
"Jaded" (Frederiksen, Tyler) – 3:34
"Fly Away From Here" (Chapman, Frederiksen) – 5:01
"Trip Hoppin'" (Frederiksen, Hudson, Perry, Tyler) – 4:27
"Sunshine" (Frederiksen, Perry, Tyler) – 3:37
"Under My Skin" (Frederiksen, Hudson, Perry, Tyler) – 3:45
"Luv Lies" (Frederiksen, Hudson, Perry, Tyler) – 4:26
"Outta Your Head" (Frederiksen, Perry, Tyler) – 3:22
"Drop Dead Gorgeous" (Hudson, Perry, Tyler) – 3:42
"Light Inside" (Frederiksen, Perry, Tyler) – 3:34
"Avant Garden" (Frederiksen, Hudson, Perry, Tyler) – 4:52

Roughly 45 seconds after "Avant Garden" a hidden track (Entitled "Under My Skin" Reprise) plays for about one minute.
The international version includes the track "Face." This track was only included on limited edition North American release exclusive to Best Buy.

Released March 6, 2001
Recorded 2000
Genre Hard Rock
Length 48:56
Label Columbia
Producer Marti Frederiksen
Mark Hudson
Joe Perry
Steven Tyler


Tom Hamilton - bass
Joey Kramer - drums
Joe Perry - guitar, vocals
Steven Tyler - guitar, harmonica, percussion, piano, conga, drums, vocals, background vocals, squeezebox
Brad Whitford - guitar

[edit] Additional personnel
Paul Caruso - loop programming
Jim Cox - piano
Dan Higgins - clarinet, saxophone
Tony Perry - guitar, scratching, pedal steel, vocals, background vocals, hurdygurdy, slide guitar
Paul Santo - Hammond organ, Kurzweil synthesizer
Tower of Power - horn
Liv Tyler - whisper

[edit] Production
Producers: Marti Frederiksen, Mark Hudson, Joe Perry, Steven Tyler
Engineers: Brian Carrigan, Paul Caruso, Richard Chycki, Marti Frederiksen, Scott Gordon, Jesse Henderson, Paul Santo, Allen Sides
Assistant engineer: Fran Flannery
Mixing: Jeff Burns, Mike Shipley
Mastering: George Marino
Recording: Richard Chycki, Marti Frederiksen
Instrument technician: Jim Survis
Loop programming: Paul Caruso
Horn arrangements: Jim Cox
String arrangements: David Campbell, Jim Cox
Special projects coordinator: Keith Garde
Author: Stephen Saper
Art direction: Kevin Reagan
Design: Kevin Reagan
Make-up: Melissa Rogers

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